Private detective, can the love you gave be taken back?“Give me a cup of forgetful water, for me not to cry all night, all the sincerity, let it rain wind blowing, paid love can not receive back… “Although it is the song of the king of heaven, when the Internet was in its early days and some writers of online novels changed the lyrics to” give you a basin of water to wash your feet “or” give you a cup of aphrodisiac water “, we feel that these descriptions are not too much for those who are trying to be self-bearing and make trouble. No matter forget affection, still wash feet, or zhuang Yang, I do not care very much. Private detective what are these? One has less to do with me, and the other has more to do with the big issue of whether the love I give in life can be taken back. Often see a lot of emotional problems or emotional accident, its essence is not the other half of the ecstasy, wash feet or aphrodisiac, but because the feeling of their own love to pay back, the heart born uneven. Love given, can be taken back? My personal foolish opinion, pays the love, certainly can take back. First, it is necessary to recognize what love is in love, which is the root of love. It turns out that the earth is green and hope, light and warmth. It is a spontaneous love, which then sublimates into a conscious love, a love that makes you happy and makes you happy. Where is the love? Love is in your heart, love is on your face, love is in your hands, it is transmitted through the senses, it is real, it can be touched. When you give love, the foundation of love is right here in you. Love, then, is a seed that grows from seed to seed, and may grow into a great tree, bringing hope and green to the earth; Love is a lamp, dispelling the darkness of the vast journey, to bring a lot of light and warmth to pedestrians. Second, to recognize the nature of love, it is actually a process of growing. Since love is real, is a tree, the source of its life is here in their own. The growt基隆徵信社推薦h of love, is to rely on their absorption of the sun and rain and continue to flourish. A person to pay their love, and their growing up and can bring more people green, youth, passion, hope, and so closely related. In this way, the love of life in the process of giving, I also enjoy the process of happiness, enjoy a unique dedication and beauty of the creation process. The essence of love is growth, maturity, luxuriant foliage, shady trees, and even the pure and beautiful emotional appeal of “niuyi gu liu sells cucumbers” and “day superior people thirst for tea”. This and the supermarket, the vegetable market cut out the heart meat sale, pain shed tears at the price of housing and other scenes. Someone likes to use a scale to measure his love, indicating that he may be good at bargaining in the vegetable market, is also a potential. Third, recognize the path of love, love recovery is actually a love of the surplus or waste of recycling and cleaning. Love 台北徵信社推薦is hope, straight forward, straight up arch; People mature in love, and in twists and turns, showing their own unique flavor, taste to love the tip of the tongue is so light and delicate. Giving love is a process that makes people want to participate in and enjoy it. When we take back our love, we want to make the path of love clearer and smoother. What we call taking back love is often the recycling of the excess, undesirable derivative or related waste of love. Such as cleaning the pile of condoms under the bed, carrying away food stalls discarded lunch boxes and napkins, the tree beside the side of the oblique branch, and so on. Oh, the return of the original love, is their regular cleaning movement, is a daily necessary activity to build a healthy life, is a way to make their own pay more clear and reliable, their life tree more robust growth process. Love given, can be taken back? The private investigator’s answer: yes, but a healthy kind of recycling新北徵信社推薦. What do you say?

Private detective, I got beaten by my husband.

全球第一大交易所「幣安 Binance」有多厲害?Private detective, I got beaten by my husband. Things happen in a few days ago, he had shown up for work that morning, what to wear, he said I, I’m his word or two, he swear, scold several words, I was very angry, also very disappointed, combined with the inner feelings of his behavior is as before, silent tears, then he went to work, I a person at home to sulk, call him during the day, because has been sulking, also do not want to pick 【亞洲區塊鏈高峰會】幣安趙長鵬:台灣民主且開放,很適合成亞洲區塊鏈中心!up, pick up the tone is not very good, so to his work, and come back later for a little thing quarrel again, those little things really are small can’t again small, I think of his behavior in the morning, I was very angry, Then nursing bed with my little son, didn’t want to talk to him, he see me angry, and came to coax me, on the surface to admit he is, in fact he has been in defend himself, told me that he had to, I was wrong, I was ve【亞洲區塊鏈高峰會】Shitcoin 滿天飛?末日博士 Nouriel Roubini 跟 BitMEX Arthur Haye 激辯實錄ry angry, pointing to his nose accused his recent behavior, in fact, I want to say is that he changed, impatient to me, always pick on me, for I hate to say, unnecessary. Pointing to the second time, he said I hung up on his face, get up and slap my head and face (I sat in the quilt holding my little son of two months, he is lying on the side) after a few times, finally add a foot (kick head) side dozen side say: “you still make flower m【亞洲區塊鏈高峰會】CZ 趙長鵬親談:幣安如何從 ICO 發跡?y face”. The whole process I didn’t strike back, also did not move, I am very desperate, very very desperate, no anger, according to my habit at ordinary times, I immediately get up to play back, even can’t win all want to play, but this time I only despair, that kind of despair, I can’t describe what happened several days, I am now writing is writing while crying, I don’t know how he feels when he hit me, I’m very confused now, I don’t 【亞洲區塊鏈高峰會】末日博士 Nouriel Roubini:比特幣根本不去中心,區塊鏈一點用都沒有know what to do.

My mother-in-law spied on me and stole the camera

婦幼徵信公司My husband and I got married in 2006, but six years have passed since then, and we still have no children. It’s not that we don’t have fertility, it’s that we can’t afford it now. We got married earlier. I got married when I was 22 and my husband was 23. After marriage, we are with parents live together, do not need to also mortgage, do not have to pay property down to eat do not have to pay money, but because we are still too immature and are comparable to play, so there is no deposit, even the most basic milk powder money did not save enough. What’s more, because we were so ambitious in the first few years of our careers, we kept changing jobs and didn’t settle down until the last two years. Although I have been married for six years, private detective but in fact like me this age people have not married many, let alone when the mother, but the mother-in-law 警民徵信社BLOGis sun xinche, she said, have been married for so many years, not to grasp the birth, do not know that you would not think you would not be born? I say, can’t be born won’t be born, those can be born of person not also can be born, difficult way she still can help his life to become? I did not expect this sentence angered the mother-in-law, she said, are not small, you still want to play to what time? I said, I’m not the only one to decide. The mother-in-law say, that good, I now say the last word, hurriedly add one to the home. I keep thinking to laugh, is it you? Later, my mother-in-law also told my husband that she wanted to have grandchildren. I didn’t think my husband was very funny. He said, “it’s not that we don’t want it. The mother-in-law say, that good, hereafter I come to spy on you, I don’t believe not line. The mother-in-law’s words also want to She’s spying on us? However, the other surprise was that she actually tried to spy on us and ask us to have a baby. Mother-in-law often in our sleep at the time of the cat quietly into our room, at first we did not know, later is her own leak out. Once she told me, “how many days have you been sleeping like that?” Nothing happened. How would that work? At first, we were puzzled by her words until we found out the next night that her cat had entered our room. But to tell the truth, my mother-in-law came in after we had turned out the light, and she would never see us live as husband and wife, because we were not used to doing that with the light off. As a result of mother-in-law’s intrusion, we have been sleeping ever since. But, this time even if the door is locked, I suddenly feel all over not free, always feel that there is a pair of eyes are staring at 徵信社 推薦myself, so every time to get close to the husband, I check the door can anti lock, make the husband old laugh I said nervous. I confessed that I was nervous. But what I never expected was that my mother-in-law had secretly installed a tiny camera after she couldn’t get into our room. Mother-in-law is in my husband and I came in the travel time to invite people to the device, private detective installed very shade, if not for later her mouth can not hide leak out we basically do not know. In the past, when my mother-in-law sneaked into our room, she didn’t see anything about us, but when we installed the camera, everything we did in the room came under her eyes. Really did not expect, I have been playing to her mother-in-law, a thought of this I feel very ashamed and resentment. But what could I do? Unless move in, only at present this condition, too not ideal. It’s really sad!

Female clients use flirting to force marriage to get me out

量化交易When seeing small awn for the first time, I special enchanted, not only dress up for her sex appeal, her pure and fresh temperament also lets me wake god very much. Tell the truth, be like small awn so beautiful and moving, temperament wen wan female client, still be true first time see. I was a little nervous about this woman, so when we shook hands, my hands were sweaty. I didn’t even care to read what was in the contract. Fortunately, she is not a match sent by my company, or I will be ruined. When I think about it, I’m afraid. I found out afterwards that my fears were unfounded. The cooperation between my company and xiao meng’s company is very pleasant, and because of the cooperation, we need to see each other often. Every time, small awn is sexy to appear, let me breathe not free. I showed her詐騙 enough affection. He didn’t say anything about love. I know that we are all waiting for an opportunity to make better progress in our relationship. Once, we went to a construction site in a neighboring county to check the progress. On the way back, my BMW broke down. Since there was no signal, I could not call for rescue. But for a long time, there was no car. Day gradually dark, the temperature also gradually fell down, I and small awn sat in the car, have a no a talk. Small awn body seems to have if do not have perfume flavour to come to my attack ceaselessly, let me heart ape mind horse. But I tried to control myself, and I knew I could not be too rash with this girl. Did not expect that back after the small awn actually took the initiative to give me a phone call, said she caught a cold, let me高頻交易 in the past. When I got there, she was sitting on the couch, looking sexy, which made me doubt her intentions. Small awn said has been working with the tacit understanding, so, want to invite me to dinner. But she wants me to cook this meal. Then she also said, not in a hurry, first rest, motioned me to sit on the sofa. At that moment, I can no longer bear, take the initiative to embrace the small awn, she leng for a while, but also embrace me. That day, our relationship had a qualitative leap. Later I knew, because of that business trip I behaved very dutifully, also very gentleman, this lets small awn very move heart. That’s why she contacted me. After we had a close relationship, xiao mang bravely expressed her love for me and asked if we could really be together. She wanted to be my wife. I was財富自由 stunned. I said, little awn, I have a wife. Small awn suddenly changed face, mad like blunt I rang rang, you are a rascal, you have a wife, why and I intimate? I say, you too perceptual too beautiful, seduced me. Small awn slapped me in the face, say, shameless, smelly rascal! Since then, small awn often came to my office to cry, pester me, but I was responsible for her, let me divorce marry her. I couldn’t stand it. I liked her, but I didn’t love her, and I didn’t expect to live with her. After all, my wife is the daughter of the deputy mayor. She comes from a good family and has a good culture. My family is so perfect, how could I give up and marry xiao meng? So, in the frequent pestering of little awn, I knew that my relationship with her should end there. Otherwise, if we keep going, we’ll all 套利be dragged down.

Why would a sister hurt my child?

BNB盈幣寶When I first came to nanjing, I wanted to be a model, but life forced me to find a job first. This benefit from wang Lin, my fellow townsman and sister. Knowing that I was from home, she introduced me without further explanation to her company and made me a clerk. I got to know dong ‘an because I had to come in frequently to meet clients. Private investigator at the time he was running a brand store and doing well. Wang Lin said: “I am a sister, sister of course should be concerned about the event of life.” So she tried to set me up with dong an, and with her help, I fell in love with dong an. In return, I suggested that dong ‘an reduce his friend Chen jian to wang Lin. He works in the academy of social sciences, with a small salary, but very stable. Wang Lin didn’t agree at first. She always turned her mouth to me and said, “I don’t like people wBITCASE盈幣寶ho are so dull. I regret now that I introduced dong ‘an to you.” I listened to the joke and her fun, completely did not take it seriously. Slowly, looking at our life slowly rich, wang Lin and Chen jian still closely ba ba, she said to me gradually changed taste. One day, she said to me, “if one day you were to be separated from dong ‘an, would you?” I am one leng. “What if it were for me?” she asked. I froze. She meant it. I know, without wang Lin, there would be no me today, more impossible to know dong ‘an, become a little famous model. So I should be grateful. You can’t have your cake and eat it. I thought, I forged a reason, reluctantly separated from east Anglia. Later, I fell in love with huang xu, the owner of the modeling agency, and got married. During the period, although the heart is very uncomfortable, very unwilling, I still and wangBCH盈幣寶 Lin contacts. Seeing that I got pregnant soon after I got married, wang Lin said sourly again: “you are really lucky. Dong ‘an said that he did not plan to have a child for his career.” I smiled. Comfort her, sooner or later. Looking at the luxurious villa, wang Lin’s eyes added another layer of things. Wang Lin often watched me walk back and forth with my stomach in my mouth. I don’t know what she’s thinking. After half an year, I gave birth to a son smoothly, be in delivery room, huang xu is guarding me and child all day, that day, he occupy should go social intercourse, exhaustion is at taking care of a child, I heavy ground slept past. In the middle of the night, I saw a nurse rounds, she just turned around, I heard the child issued shrill cry, smell the sound I look again, could not help but be frightened and change color, the child’s face aADA盈幣寶 red. Little hands clutched at his face. The doctor rushed to find that the child’s face was spilled boiling water. The person who pretended to be a nurse was wang Lin! I couldn’t for the life of me understand why she did this to me. “As dong ‘an has never let go of you, everything is too lucky for you! Why? You know I got this for you, okay? ! I won’t!” Wang Lin was taken away by the police at mercilessly said. I froze again. To this day, I still don’t understand, about wang Lin, after all, what I did wrong, let her so revenge me. Originally from and east an together after, my once happy life was frequently disturbed by wang Lin, private detective this is just, she also blatantly want me and east an separate, by her to enjoy the man I love. I have done all this for her, but why would she harm my child? I really don’t understand, not just because 搬磚I’m a kind person.

I tested my husband to see if he had been beaten up for cheating

筆跡鑑定BLOGToday, I tested my husband and called his receptionist, which is what the woman usually calls him. The husband once promised me not to answer the telephone that spreads the room, I dozen this telephone today, the mood is very complex, afraid he really go to answer, want to see him again whether and she really broke, but result, he went to answer, I did not speak. He knew I was testing him, and when I got back he blew a fuse, and I said he was out, and he hit me and cursed me, and hit my head against the wall, like crazy, oh my god! I wanted to die. I thought I would stop doubting him if they did, but I was disappointed! He has been acting so well these days, but I can’t trust him as I used to, because they are in love with each other for a long time. How can I just let go? He cheatwww.daaidetective.comed on me and put the blame on me. When he lost his temper, he would check my phone number. My heart is broken now that he has done wrong and treated me so cruelly. I am very sorry for your enlightening to me before, my future may be very difficult. Thank you very much! May your family be happy! Private detective: I’m sorry to hear the sad news. Want to live together, do not doubt, not to mention also have no evidence, even if receive spread room telephone, also cannot explain what, at most explain he and lover this break link, it is a process that is more difficult, not at a draught cut off. You have now brought out the evil in him, and at this point there is nothing to be regretted in a divorce. Life security can not be guaranteed, such a marriage what sense of security? You want 政府立案徵信社to test, test the bad results, but not a divorce, this is not yourself to dig a trap to jump? Feel it for yourself. If a woman and a man live together, can you believe that? Solution: maybe. I have known such couples, together for several years, because the woman did not want to, so has been sexless cohabitation. Dear teacher, my wife always ignores my feelings. Often indiscriminately scold me, even if I commit suicide in front of her she will not move to block, but no way I love her very much. She is directly my Nemesis, every quarrel is a divorce, always I beg to stay, I cried on my knees to beg. I humiliate myself in front of her. She never took me seriously. What should I do about this marriage private investigator: you have to improve yourself, develop your career, and be a ma徵信社價錢n of your own charm, rather than be weak and allow others to abuse your dignity. She’s always bringing up divorce now, either because you spoiled it or because your partner is less valuable and she married you down, so she’s always using it as an order. Women do not like a cowardly man, also do not need you do not have the bottom line of the soft, these actions will only make your charm drop. She scolds you on all occasions, and every time she USES you as a bargaining chip for endless retention and kneeling down, the interactive mode is terrible. She will look down upon you more and more, and you will be more and more tired. I suggest you, work hard to improve, little by little break this vicious circle of relationship patterns, with charm and ability to conquer her, rather than kn ee to conquer her.

He guarded our brotherhood in a unique way

徵信社The second brother was born in 1984. I was seven years later than him. When I was born, he was already seven years old. He was extremely repelled by my arrival, for he was so young that he was always afraid that I would give him a fortune. Private detective up to now, mother also said, “your second brother often asked me a sentence, ‘mom, we have a total of two real estate son, my eldest brother set, I set, he which? ‘and I comforted him. It’s all right. Your third brother will go to college and live in the city. He won’t argue with you.” “Mom, you mean what you say?” “Of course! “Good, then let’s high-five!” I was 5 years old, he went out to play CARDS, I followed, fell down he did not help, later see me crying is really noisy heart panic, very impatient came over, a pull me up, “fall down will not get up, stupid dead. Go…… ‘I said. “” well, you don’t go, I go! “He walked on with a swagger, and I sat still. He walked about a hundred meters away, and then ran over, “I tell you how many times, after I come out, you don’t follow, you this follower. “Then, squat down, I lie on his body, he a back me,” alas, sink dead, eat so much, what? You are pig… “I was 10 years old, in the fourth grade of primary school. In the middle of the night, I crept into his bed, “brother, I’m afraid.” He’d say, “it’s so hot. Did you wash your feet? It stinks.” Regardless, I pretended to close my eyes. In the morning, a quilt are in my side, he is almost half bright a body, see me open my eyes, the quilt snatched past, “roll… Oh, you fart. “I’m sorry to smile,” I touched the bird, ha ha. “He’s blushing,” brother, come here. “I once gather up a face, he hand wu arrive my mouth, a burst of foul smell,” ha ha ha ha, fart delicious? “Purr purr purr,” mom, my brother bullied me. “My grievances fill the courtyard! I am 12 years old,婦幼徵信社 he became a soldier to go, that day, the cadre that picks up a soldier comes home, ask me, “do you want him… “I’ll walk,” brother, where are you going? “He pushed me aside,” he said. Later can not see you, also the province of boring me, bored to death, love to cry ghost. “I asked again,” brother, you are not coming back? “He silently lowered his head,” brother, you have to take good care of yourself, take care of our mother, you know? “I nodded,” younger brother, there is big white rabbit creamy candy in the desk below my window, still have a bag, don’t give za mama say, I left 50 yuan pocket money to you, like to eat spicy dry tofu, go to buy. “I said,” brother… “Then I choked up. I was thirteen years old, and whenever I mentioned him, my mother would sigh. “Off and on, I heard that his leader had reported the case to my eldest brother. The eldest brother was a company commander at that time. He was so angry that he went to look for him. Later, he was locked up, my eldest brother himself shut! After coming out, he is more rebellious, abnormal training, around the trouble. Later, my eldest brother said: dare to act foolishly again, believe it or not I kill you, he just a little stable point. So, when the soldier of 7 years, during my eldest brother lets him take an examination of military school, he learns not to go in, again later, obligation is discharged. I called him once and cried, “stop that now, okay?” He didn’t speak for a long time, finally said, “brother, if only you were a girl, don’t cry so easily. “I said,” I don’t care, I don’t care, promise me. “The end of the line was just a sigh. During his visit, he always brought me a military belt and bullet casings. He said, “the army doesn’t have anything expensive. “I received it with great joy. After seven years in the army, I received seven leather belts, which I could not bear to use. The day he left the army, I was studying at school, and by the time I got home, he was strong and black, with only white teeth. Mother pointed at him and cursed, “worthless things, I am angry. “Second brother and mother quarrel,” I start a business. “I thought he was just kidding, but three days later, he went to wenzhou alone, where the legend has it that everyone owns a factory. Half a year later, he returned to zhengzhou, began to learn to do furniture business, gradually improved. Within a year, he bought a car, driving the car with me, very cool, proud. I said, “brother, you are so handsome. “He say,” younger brother, elder brother primary school three grade graduation, have no what culture, you want good good study, lack of money direct say 1, someone bully you, tell me, I lane not dead he. ‘I say,’ you must change your violent temper! “He touched his head,” good, I change, ha ha! “When he fell in love with someone, my sister-in-law hated that I spent too much money on my studies. My mother explained again and again that I had paid for my education by writing stories. I sometimes go to his home, sister-in-law is also sneer at me, “what is the use of reading? The elder brother also don’t utter a word, I start return fire, one come two go, relation cool. He and his sister-in-law married that day, I did not go in anger, and later near the end, I pretended to be very busy to the scene, he took me, “brother, our eldest brother can not come back, why don’t you come. People ask me, your brother? I feel sad… ‘I said. He began to cry, has been with me to say I’m sorry, when I was a child if it weren’t for his playing marbles led to my rescue not timely forehead scar, if it weren’t for his cowardice, also won’t let me be wronged. Never sensible to grab a spoon, to conte合法徵信社nd for a zaohuamo, he said a lot, those past things, he did not forget a thing. Finally he said, “I am not like your eldest brother, your eldest brother is an officer, is the colonel, there are cultural people, I am a rough, brother, brother sorry for you, as long as you remember, who bullied you, to brother said, brother kill him. I’m sorry for your sister-in-law!” I graduated from the university, entered the steel mill, that workshop deputy director always create difficulties for me, later forced urgent, I said, believe it or not, work off, kind of you wait. I also just say, did not expect that person is mixed black Dao, have a lot of minions. After work, a look at those people with steel pipes and so on, I was terrified, so can only recognize. From then on, he was even more emboldened, until my head was broken by a machine. I was so enraged that I punched him because it was office time and he couldn’t get angry. Then I was suspended… When I was at home, I did not expect him to come to me. I went out quietly by myself. That person start really cruel, later, let me unexpectedly, he took a dagger, I really worry what to do, a man came forward to hold the dagger, a foot put in the chest of the deputy director, and then called the police. Second elder brother immediately turn around, toward me be a slap in the face, “return when I be your elder brother? Others are bullied to the head, you still pretend a mystery.” I saw his hand, already bleeding, and I said, “go and dress it.” He smiled, touched my face, “sorry, brother, later have what to elder brother say, elder brother help you settle, don’t a person support, ok?” From then on, that deputy director honest much, add my eldest brother inside the army, also looked for the person on the place, at the same time threaten and say at the same time, both sides is and sound.

In the face of this torture of marriage, whether I decisively ended

徵信社委託流程My wife and I have been married for five months. We have quarreled since the day after our marriage. In a word, these five months have not been idle, three days a small quarrel, five days a big quarrel. Many times she seeks my trouble to stem with me intentionally, return start to beat a person, scratch a person, more serious recently, take mop pole to beat me, launch crazy come who also cannot control, very anxious to play with you. I can’t bear this kind of torture, often do not let me sleep night after night, the next day I have to go to work, or I am on the night shift do not let me sleep, little things endless quarrel with you, work with y婦幼徵信社BLOGou, how many times I run out of the house, sometimes three times a night. Every time she told me to come back and stop arguing with you. But when I got back, she was quarreling and arguing with you endlessly. Open mouth shut to curse, every fucking, nima force, grass nima. My hands were covered with scratches and my face was covered with scars. Then I moved out and didn’t want to face her. I tried to beat her up, but I gave up. After all, I think it’s weird for a man to beat up his wife. At the beginning of the quarrel, I have to accompany is not, almost all is her fault, I have to laugh. Then I couldn’t stand it, so I started arguing with her,警民徵信社BLOG and then she started fighting, more and more serious each time, and I also occasionally did two hands, feeling that I was infected by her. Night after night of torture, every time after the end, she coaxed me, and told me not to do so next time. But two days later, it continued. Back and forth, more than a dozen times, I was so traumatized that I had to move out and stay away from her. I want to divorce her, but she does not agree, said she will change, she reflects again, but I have given her many times the opportunity, she not only did not change, but also intensified. I can’t believe her anymore. She still has our money in her hand. Since m徵信社安心服務y marriage, I have never used a penny of her family. All the money is taken by my family. She also called me stingy and said I put too much value on money. I’ve been working all day, and I have to buy food and cook when I get home. I’ve been married for five months, and she hasn’t even been to the market. You can do whatever you want and buy whatever you want. I don’t have any bad habits except smoking. I go home after work at two o ‘clock and one line. I don’t play any games. I have my own ideal, and always strive for the ideal. She not only did not let me decompress, but also brought me endless pain and suffering, everyone shrimp, I should en婦幼徵信社BLOGd this marriage.

The director of a top-three hospital was bribed to claim low income

taiwan private detective台灣徵信社Hospital has always been a place of high incidence of corruption, because it involves a lot of interest exchange, for corruption breeding hotbed. Now there is talk of health reform, which would also change hospital regulations to eliminate as much as possible the power to provide health care workers with no oversight. Li Yang is the key figure in the series of bribery cases of medical business in guangzhou. As the behind-the-scenes boss of huizhou songhua technology co., LTD., he is not the legal representative of the company, so he is somewhat concealed. Around the time of li Yang’s case, at least four clinical laboratory directors at hospitals in guangzhou surrendered to prosecutors, admitting that they had received kickbacks for purchasing medical equipment, including three top-three hospitals. The haizhu district procuratorate has initiated a public prosecution of li Yang’s suspected bribery case, which is currently being tried by the haizhu district court and has not yet been sentenced. According to the indictment, li Yang, 49, was detained on May 18, 2011, arrested on the same day, and released on bail on January 21, 2012. The haizhu district prosecutor’s office alleged that the defendant, li Yang, from 2006 to 2011, had arranged his cotaiwan private detective徵信社mpany’s sales staff to give bribes to state employees in order to seek illegitimate benefits when he was the general manager of huizhou songhua technology co., LTD., selling medical test reagents. The details are as follows: from 2006 to 2011, when the company was selling medical test reagents to huangpu hospital of the first affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen university, li Yang arranged sales staff CAI hua and zou chunyu (both of whom were dealt with separately) to give the director of the laboratory department of the hospital wu yaoliang (who has been convicted) a total of 170,000 yuan of bribe money. From 2007 to 2010, when the company was selling medical test reagents to the second affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen university, li Yang arranged sales staff LAN linqiu, du jiang and zhang yuanyuan (all of whom were dealt with separately) to give the director of the obstetrics and gynecology laboratory of sun yat-sen university moya qin (who has been convicted) a total of 740,000 yuan in bribes. From 2007 to 2011, when the company was selling medical reagents to the first affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical college, li Yang arranged sales staff CAI hua and Chen chudan (both of whom were dealt with separately) to give bribes totaling 22private detective agency徵信社0,000 yuan to liu hanxin (who has been sentenced), the head of the biochemistry group of the laboratory department of the hospital. From 2008 to 2010, when the company was selling medical reagents to guangzhou children’s hospital, li Yang arranged sales staff LAN linqiu, CAI hua and Yang Lin (all of whom were dealt with separately) to give the deputy director of the clinical laboratory department wan genping (who was dealt with separately) a total of 170,000 yuan of bribe money. From 2009 to 2010, li Yang paid 130,000 yuan in bribes to liao weijiao (another case), director of the laboratory division of the first affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical college, when the company sold medical reagents to the hospital. Prosecutors found that li Yang had committed five crimes of offering bribes totaling 1.43 million yuan. He yingming, a technician in charge of the obstetrics and gynecology laboratory of the second affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen university, confessed that he received kickbacks based on the sales of reagents when he worked in the lab, according to the judgment. According to the contract between his department and the briber, the laboratory has to do 180,000 tests, and 10% of the cost of testing consumables becomes their rebate.private detective agency徵信社 As the head of the laboratory, moya qin confirmed that the two sides agreed to take 10% of the total sales of purchased reagent as a rebate. The agreement agreed that their laboratory must use the analyzer for 180,000 tests, and the test reagent must be purchased from songhua company. Since then, huizhou songhua company has sent money to them several times, a total of reagent kickbacks of about 740,000 yuan. If low income is the reason for taking bribes, then robbing Banks with less money should be justified. Moreover, the income of medical staff is absolutely at a higher level. No man is content. It is time to thoroughly clean up the medical market. In fact, all the money of commercial bribery is allocated to the patients. They are already unfortunate to get sick, and have to bear high medical expenses, which is undoubtedly adding insult to injury. To punish the commercial bribery in the medical field! Tip of the iceberg, those big doctors? I’m not so sure. Kill ji make an example of monkey, don’t old take a hospital for, in this qiu fu, hypocritical society, don’t know what to say, sorrow is great at heart dead. Drug agent they are also very fat, why not mercilessly catch a drug agent? Why not regulate drug prices? Why not improve the healdetective agency徵信社th care system?

Reporters fight with the police to uncover the “private detective company” face

金門徵信社推薦Beater, bug, GPS tracker… These detective devices, which only appear in spy movies, are actually presented in front of the police. On January 14, 2013, under the unified deployment and command of the Ministry of Public Security, chongqing police made a centralized arrest of suspects in the case of “December 5” crimes of infringing on citizens’ personal information. 71 people were arrested, a large number of criminal tools including mobile phones and computers were seized, and over 100,000 yuan of funds involved were frozen and detained. With the deepening of the police investigation, a “private detective” industry that deals in the sale of citizens’ personal information and the secret filming of citizens’ tracking has gradually revealed its true face. On the same day, chongqing police made simultaneous arrests in 11 districts and counties. The previous month, chongqing police to more than 30 clues in-depth investigation, found out the facts involved in the crime, a number of key suspects have been put in place. Open net to wait for, difference only “rimming a foot”. At 10 a.m., the operation began with an order from liu ancheng, director of the criminal investigation bureau of the Ministry of Public Security. The reporter of legal daily followed the police detachment of yubei branch of chongqing public security bureau and participated in the arrest of huang feng, a suspect in the “diao investigation”. “Diao investigation” is called “chongqing diao business consulting center”, which is a sole proprietorship enterprise registered by huang feng in the industrial and commercial bureau. The company is well known in the Yubei District private detective business. In Yubei District flourishing age beichen village, the scene is kept police follow two decorate worker to enter the residence of yellow breeze easily, catch its. Later, the police learned that the ceiling of huang feng’s house had lost lime, so they asked workers to clean it up, which provided a good opportunity for the police to enter the house. At this time, other districts and counties have also come across the good news, the clues of the suspects have been arrested. In jiangbei district, police arrested four suspects in the black and white business consulting company run by xiang’s brothers and found bugs and other tracking devices. These include six “call dead you”, dedicated to the customer’s designated object to make the endless dialing harassment. The police found a large number of citizens’ call lists, room records and other information from their computers. Reporters at the scene to see, these full of beautiful things in eyes of detailed information to, shocking. The talented graduate of a famous academy of fine arts has a beard and looks like an artist. In the conversation with the reporter, he thought quickly and talked well. Huang feng, who had been working in web design, entered the private detective business in 2007 because of a “coincidence”. When he set up a web page for a detective company, he left his contact information and bank account number. It made him realize the huge business opportunities. “I am a stranger, want to have a better material conditions, and no other way, began to do this information consulting business.” Yellow wind said. And so-called “information consultation”, in fact, is the reselling of citizens’ personal information. In this industrial chain, huangfeng buys such information from upstream sellers at a low price and sells it to “end customers” at a high price, with a huge gap in the middle as the source of their profits. In this industry, information is seen as a “resource,” and people with information upstream are also known as “resource makers,” huang said. These people tend to peddle this information on the Internet, where all transactions take place and buyers and sellers do not meet. For middlemen like huang feng, the goal is to find “end customers” who need the information, because the information can only be sold at a good price if it is directly faced with “end customers”. Between one in and one out, the price of information has suddenly increased several times and tens of times. A few hundred yuan to buy the information, sell to the customer can often sell thousands of yuan, even tens of thousands of yuan. At the black and white consulting firm run by the xiang brothers, xiang ping was responsible for buying information, xiang bing was responsible for expanding clients and the company hired two investigators. “Each order requires different information, and you need to look online for sellers who can provide that information.” In an interview with reporters, xiang ping said that according to these different information, the company’s business is also divided into corresponding “plate”, such as flight information plate, phone information plate, real estate information plate and so on. The price of different information also varies greatly, depending on how easy and detailed the information is to obtain. “For example, it is easy to get flight information, and each piece can only cost 200 yuan. Calling messages are the worst, costing thousands of yuan at least, and many customers can’t afford them.” Ping said. In October last year, xiang’s brothers bought a list of text messages from a technician assigned to a company’s computer room in chongqing unicom for 10,000 yuan and then resold it to a client for 50,000 yuan, police said. Only one single profit of 40,000 yuan, which the profit of the big can be seen. In addition to buying and selling information about citizens, another major business for private detective comp女子徵信社anies is to provide clients with secret camera tracking services. Extramarital affairs make up the absolute majority of such surveys. According to xiang, affairs account for more than 95 percent. “After they give us their photo and address, we send someone to follow them up, take pictures and ask for pictures of them making out with the opposite sex or video. When we follow, we send two cars, one in front of the other, and if we feel the other is alert, the car behind us will take cover.” Ping said. If the other party and the opposite sex enter the hotel, private investigators generally do not directly enter the room, but after determining the room to call the customer, let the customer into the “forensics.” Some clients also make very personal requests, whether they can be done or not. In December 2012, the consulting firm black and white received a commission from a middle-aged woman asking for 100,000 yuan to miscarry her husband’s pregnant mistress. According to the information provided by the client, the equal immediately followed up the mistress secretly for several times and agreed on four sets of plans. Plan one is “clever capture” : track “mistress”, take advantage of its when dining out secret in its food or drink put abortive medicine, promote its foetus aborts. But the plan failed because the fetus was four or five months old and could not be aborted with conventional drugs. Plan two is “storm attack” : secretly track “mistress”, waiting for the opportunity to beat or make a car accident to promote the abortion of their fetuses. The plan was rejected by the client because it was too violent. Plan 3 can be called “the stroke of genius” : according to the superstitious practice of xiang ping’s hometown in the countryside, make a very terrible scarecrow in front of the door of “xiao SAN”, wait for her to go out in the evening when she faint, make it aborted. But xiang later found that the mistress rarely went out at night and could not be implemented. Plan four is “cheat money again” : find “master” to steal “xiao SAN” micro blog account, in her micro blog published a post about her miscarriage, screenshots sent to the client, the client cash fraud. According to xiang ping, he was cheated because he found the wrong person. In the end, none of the four plans worked, and the big one didn’t. At present, the police have investigated several crimes committed by the company, black and white, in which citizens were secretly followed for extramarital affairs. Among them, in mid-december, members of the gang secretly filmed a male citizen’s intimate relationship with a young woman, making an illegal profit of 8,000 yuan. At present, there are more than 40 investigation companies registered in industry and commerce in chongqing, and there are also dozens of “unde婦幼徵信社BLOGrground investigation companies” that have not yet been registered, according to tang li, deputy chief of the criminal investigation team of chongqing public security bureau. “Even the registered investigation companies, many are under the guise of legal business, doing illegal activities that violate citizens’ information and privacy.” Tang said. According to the business license of “diao business consulting center” operated by huang feng, its business scope includes business information consulting, social investigation service, market research, enterprise management consulting and marketing planning. Amendment 7 to the criminal law, passed in 2009, formally criminalizes the sale, illegal provision and illegal access to citizens’ personal information. Through the news media about the police crackdown on information crimes against citizens, private detectives increasingly feel the survival crisis of the industry. Huang feng is ready to wash his hands. He says he really got started in 2011 and earned about 100,000 yuan. “In 2012, I basically gave up and planned to open a clothing store with my wife. Only once in a while an old customer comes to me and I just take it.” Every year, private investigators from all over the country hold seminars in Hong Kong, *** and other places, with themes such as “normative development of the industry” and “avoidance of business legal risks”. But both Mr. Huang and Mr. Xiang called themselves “people with a sense of justice.” “The vast majority of clients for extramarital affairs surveys are women who are in a vulnerable position in the family and who want to find evidence of infidelity but have no other way to do so, and that’s what gave birth to our industry.” But what exactly do customers use to buy information about their citizens? The detective company didn’t ask. Tang said the information leaked, easily used by criminals to fraud, blackmail and other criminal activities. The heavy responsibility of the law and moral criticism seem to be unable to resist the strong market demand, regulate the behavior of upstream practitioners, cut off the outflow of information from the source, or crack down on the illegal selling of information of citizens. In response, the criminal investigation bureau of the Ministry of Public Security said that in the next step, the public security organs will intensify the crackdown on the disclosure of citizens’ information by state organs or financial, telecommunications, transportation, education, medical and other units, and strive to cut the source of the information chain of sales. “Now the law has a clear protection for citizens’ information. I hope my colleagues will learn from this and not go any further.” This is the last word that huang feng said to the reporter. (the suspects in the article 女子國際徵信are pseudonyms)