Why are employees missing? The ending detective tells you

債務協商Two months ago, a factory manager, Mr. Lin, came to our company with a nervous expression. When he met me, he even introduced me. Stammering: “I want to please please, please find someone.” I listened patiently as he finished what had happened. Every month on the 12th, this is the shenzhen baoan district xx electronics factory wage 債務追討day, the factory employee zhang gang (pseudonym) received salary, after careful count, revealed two unhappy face. “Why two hundred dollars less?” He cried. Two colleagues remind him on both sides, way: “you are late this month twice, each deduction 200, two total 200.” As an ordinary worker zhang just two months of wages but about t人際糾紛wo thousand, can only just enough to live in shenzhen expenses, at this time to deduct his two hundred yuan, he is really unconvinced, angry rushed into the company leadership office, want to find the leadership. The company leader see him make trouble without reason, then in the office he publicly scold two times, also say that in 子女行蹤調查view of his to the leader’s contradict, want to deduct him 200 yuan again. The zhang gang of young gas sheng is full of grievance originally, listen to a leader at this moment even buckle oneself 200 yuan, anger top heart, leave two “Lao tze stem!” Turned and ran out of the company. Even if not, also want to do all kinds of procedur子女交往對像調查es according to the procedures, but two even a few days in the company did not see the figure of zhang gang, then colleagues worry, two colleagues said: “zhang gang should not learn like foxconn employees… “Associate with before paragraph of time make the foxconn employee that the profusion and uproar commits suicide case, the com子女人身保護pany manager hears zhang gang to disappear, natural also nervous rise, if really happened what matter, he not became accident indirect murderer? The leader could not help feeling frightened. After a long discussion with several leaders, he decided to turn to the well-known investigation agency wang hai investigation shenzhen branch 婚前徵信to help find zhang gang’s whereabouts. After signing a search contract with manager Lin, I handed the information he provided me about zhang gang to the search department of the company, and sent a large number of investigators to search for suspicious locations in shenzhen and surrounding cities. Finally, in the evening after the f婚前調查irst week, I found zhang gang in a small black Internet cafe on the outskirts of shenzhen. After finding zhang gang, we made a surface of our intention and arranged zhang gang to communicate with the psychological consultant of the civil investigation department of our company. After 2 hours of communication, zhang gang finally retu結婚對像信用、素行、工作調查rned to the company dormitory and walked into the office of the leader after resting for two days. The leader apologized to him and promised to deduct his salary this month as long as he worked well. As a detective, I am really happy to see this ending, which is why I chose this profession in the first place. I hope this profession 法律問題協助can help more people


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