Why are employees missing? The ending detective tells you

債務協商Two months ago, a factory manager, Mr. Lin, came to our company with a nervous expression. When he met me, he even introduced me. Stammering: “I want to please please, please find someone.” I listened patiently as he finished what had happened. Every month on the 12th, this is the shenzhen baoan district xx electronics factory wage 債務追討day, the factory employee zhang gang (pseudonym) received salary, after careful count, revealed two unhappy face. “Why two hundred dollars less?” He cried. Two colleagues remind him on both sides, way: “you are late this month twice, each deduction 200, two total 200.” As an ordinary worker zhang just two months of wages but about t人際糾紛wo thousand, can only just enough to live in shenzhen expenses, at this time to deduct his two hundred yuan, he is really unconvinced, angry rushed into the company leadership office, want to find the leadership. The company leader see him make trouble without reason, then in the office he publicly scold two times, also say that in 子女行蹤調查view of his to the leader’s contradict, want to deduct him 200 yuan again. The zhang gang of young gas sheng is full of grievance originally, listen to a leader at this moment even buckle oneself 200 yuan, anger top heart, leave two “Lao tze stem!” Turned and ran out of the company. Even if not, also want to do all kinds of procedur子女交往對像調查es according to the procedures, but two even a few days in the company did not see the figure of zhang gang, then colleagues worry, two colleagues said: “zhang gang should not learn like foxconn employees… “Associate with before paragraph of time make the foxconn employee that the profusion and uproar commits suicide case, the com子女人身保護pany manager hears zhang gang to disappear, natural also nervous rise, if really happened what matter, he not became accident indirect murderer? The leader could not help feeling frightened. After a long discussion with several leaders, he decided to turn to the well-known investigation agency wang hai investigation shenzhen branch 婚前徵信to help find zhang gang’s whereabouts. After signing a search contract with manager Lin, I handed the information he provided me about zhang gang to the search department of the company, and sent a large number of investigators to search for suspicious locations in shenzhen and surrounding cities. Finally, in the evening after the f婚前調查irst week, I found zhang gang in a small black Internet cafe on the outskirts of shenzhen. After finding zhang gang, we made a surface of our intention and arranged zhang gang to communicate with the psychological consultant of the civil investigation department of our company. After 2 hours of communication, zhang gang finally retu結婚對像信用、素行、工作調查rned to the company dormitory and walked into the office of the leader after resting for two days. The leader apologized to him and promised to deduct his salary this month as long as he worked well. As a detective, I am really happy to see this ending, which is why I chose this profession in the first place. I hope this profession 法律問題協助can help more people

Private detective, how to recover your cheating husband?

比特幣現狀Private detective, how to recover your cheating husband? A broken marriage, two people’s fault. Husband’s derailment like alarm bell, woke up to the marriage of love ignorant of me. For the sake of my children and for the sake of my family and for the sake of myself, I want my cheating husband back, my marriage back, private detective, what do I do? Can I have another chance to do it again? My wife and I have been together for 17 years, but our child is only 8 years old, and the appearance of the child broke our relationship. How to say, come to the point, since had a child I did n比特幣礦難的根源ot have the same bed with the husband, the mind is also on the child. I miss my old wife, he knows. But did not expect, the husband derailed, with a not young and not beautiful woman had an affair. He also admitted that he wanted to be angry with me at first, but now he wants to divorce me. I can’t live without him, and I can’t live without this family. Teacher, what can I do to save my cheating husband? Private detective interpretation: a lot of times we are so used to the man we call our husband that we almost forget that he also needs company, praise and comfort. When these are 如何獲得比特幣not available at home, he may bypass the “blind eye” you give him and go outside to find another woman. What to do about cheating husbands and wives? First, we need to figure out what went wrong in the bad relationship. What’s the problem? Why is this a problem? Whether it’s marriage or love, we tend to take life too literally — what I say, what you do. Ignore the reasons behind these actions and the feelings your actions bring to others. Only when we learn to feel and find out why, can we know what we should do and what we should say. Communication in this moment can really achie比特幣的特點ve the effect of communication. When you go through this process, the pattern of your marriage changes. That’s the best way we can save our marriage. Private detective comment: very rare, when the husband cheating on the time, you can see their own problems. There must be two wrongdoers and a third person in a bad relationship. But in the triangle of the most injured, that is you, also need to heal their wounds, the heart is still bleeding, how to make up for the lack of love? Having an affair can be a difficult journey, but trust a professional marriage counselor to help you rebui五個問答讓你秒懂區塊鏈原理及應用ld your marriage.

After he cheated me into bed, he broke up with me

徵信社 評價At first he said I was fine and that’s what he wanted to get married. After the bed, he said I was a lothario, will not serve. Saying I’m fine, being with him will only keep me. Said he does not love to pestle people, so a few days no phone no text messages, as long as he suddenly remembered me, just come over. He said he and his first relationship were like that, bu徵信社找人t he didn’t struggle as much as I did. I told him a dream, and he broke up. Said in the dream my father forbid us to be together, ideal is also possible. I had a broken heart and wanted to get even with him. What can you do to make him uncomfortable without breaking the law? Private detective company reply: 1, very obvious feeling cheater, just want to cheat you to hwww.cdrom007.com/ave sex with just. Next time must face up to my situation, can not indulge my greed, to overdo honeyed words, and the condition is too good man, fast request to bed men want to progress alert. 2, actually do not propose revenge, because I live well is the best revenge for him. Moreover, you are really not his opponent, I am afraid you fight and fall into the mire. Yo台灣徵信社-什麼是徵信社u want to really want to try, then I initiative you inform him your dad said to him a few houses, you put your virtual into a family with very good condition, and you continue to camouflage very affectionate to him, and put my beautiful dress up every day, is waiting for him to take the bait, wait until after he take you to see the parents, you’ll find quills mercile徵信社私人調查找人尋人ssly dumped him.

Male friend cheats me to marry old bachelor in exchange for gambling capital how should I do?

全新全球指數-盈幣寶Male friend cheats me to marry old bachelor in exchange for gambling capital how should I do? Peng hui and I were classmates in high school. Our study was delayed due to love, and we fell off the list in the college entrance examination. Parents hated me for this, firmly do not allow me and peng hui together. In order to respect my love and faith, peng hui and I decided to separate our hometown and go to shenzhen together. We need to prove to our parents that without a high degree, we can support our love with both hands. But when we arrived in shenzhen, our illusions were soon disillusioned. Such a big city, but no good job suitable for us, had to work in an electronics factory. Every month in addition to food and drink and other daily expenses, real less than a few money. Private detective, my boyfriend was a little frustrated. He said if he went on like this, he would never see the light of day. But there is no good work, but also good persistence. Only from then on, he fell in love with the t頂級風控 重重加密-盈幣寶icket, said to wait for good luck. Anyway buy a ticket spend not much money, I just play when peng hui. But he had some luck. Only bought less than half a year, won 60,000. We had a hearty meal to celebrate. When boyfriend wins the lottery, coincides with the unit vacation. Feeling we had nowhere to go, we accompanied a familiar colleague outside to play mahjong. Unexpectedly, peng hui saw two laps to hand itch also participate in the war, since then on the addiction. Private detective, not only began to play CARDS, to the last sixty thousand dollars all lost in. Losing his money, peng hui became very irritable. When he was not happy, he hit me and scolded me, saying that I had exhausted his good luck. I tried to push back, but as soon as I spoke back, he hit me in the face. Peng hui became depraved, which made me very frustrated. But one night, he surprised me. He bought a lot of things I like to eat and a skirt I like. I asked him how he got so much money to buy things. He told me I was lucky. 專業區塊鏈團隊-盈幣寶He met an archaeologist and asked me to work with him for 4,000 yuan a month. I say you also don’t understand this knowledge? Peng hui said he mainly look at my good health, and like mountaineering, asked me to give him back luggage when a bodyguard of what. What if I say you went? Peng hui says: you go with me! I did not expect good luck to come so suddenly, I happily embrace peng hui cried. The next day I met the archaeologist. Indeed, from any point of view he looked less like an archeologist than a farmer, in his fifties, in rumpled clothes. Peng hui is said to be the archaeological years in the valley running, there was a good look. I am suspicious of peng hui’s words. Our first stop was a remote village in luoyang, where “archaeologists” said there was the remains of an ancient city from the song dynasty. When we got there, we stayed in a farmer’s house. The next day, “archaeologist” suddenly said to me: I received a phone call, there is an important need to fly to zhengzhou, peng hui must 頂級投資 雄岸基金-盈幣寶go with me. You stay here and we’ll be back in a couple of days when we’re done. I said no, I will go with you, I am afraid! Peng hui said that the road is very hard, but also to go to the mountains, you must be together too late, will delay time. You’re good. We’ll be back in two days. The day after peng hui left, I was restrained by the 40-year-old farmer who informed me that he had bought me for 20,000 yuan as his wife. When I heard his words, I was thunderstruck and fainted. When I woke up, I found that old bachelor pressure on my body breathing heavily, and my body naked. I desperately struggle, but I even a little bit of strength is not, I know peng hui betrayed me, his unfeeling let me sad to hysteria. After all, I’m his real girlfriend. He sold me to raise twenty thousand dollars for gambling. What a beast! I swore that when I returned to the city, I would report peng hui and let him enjoy a prison sentence. Only then could he realize how shameless and despicable it was to betray and abdu盈幣寶Bingbon-臨時合約地址ct his girlfriend.

I have a crush on my sister-in-law for a long time

花蓮徵信社推薦I love sister-in-law for a long time, have a few years, just unrequited love, without any deviant behavior. But her private life is too messy, less than half a year time, handed over four or five boyfriend, just like a quick glance, changing boyfriend is like changing clothes, she and these four or five men have slept, of course, these are my wife told me, because my wife and her relationship is very good. Today just learned, sister-in-law pregnant, the heart is really not a taste, oneself like the person was occupied by others, finished also whole pregnant, anyway in the heart sour, ah. To who also can’t say, can only come to you here to complain, think of this matter heartache, really want to say, wife you later don’t let me know these broken things, know better than not to know, really upset. Private detectiwomanyoung.com.twve reply: thank you for your trust in me, but I can not help you with this matter, because all the trouble is you ask for, blame no one else. First of all, you should not be evil to your sister-in-law, you do not like her, you see her so open, even can keep changing men, your heart also want to take advantage of her. Moreover, you did not recognize your relationship with her, she is your sister-in-law, you a澎湖徵信社推薦re her brother-in-law, moral loss of you do not deserve sympathy. What if she’s pregnant? What’s it to you? In the end you cheated on your wife. If your wife knows that you covet her sister for a long time, if she knows that you are so disgusting and evil, what will she think of you? I advise you to take care of yourself. If you don’t cherish your family, you will regret it sooner or later. Please keep the b筆跡鑑定BLOGottom line, ok?

My wife was sexually assaulted by my father-in-law and divorced me all day

盈幣寶-什麼是差價合約槓桿Wife by father-in-law sexual assault all day and I divorce! Wife says, such day, she is a day to also lead not to go down, because she and husband’s class are stagger, sometimes oneself a person next night shift come back all dare not go home, often go elder sister lives in. In the long run, the husband misunderstood himself quite a lot, the couple often quarrel. At this time, her husband was still in the dark, but under, she proposed a divorce. The night after filing for divorce, the husband left home. In order to be afraid of running away from the son in the outside accident, the wife’s grandfather called her, want to help find the son, in order to prove that what he said is the truth, the wife also provided us and father-in-law call the phone recording. Wife told her husband came home, and to the family of sentimentally attached to the wife came home again, but she raised a requirement: three move out, let the old man sold the home of a home, give them down payment to buy commercial housing, father-in-law was granted their request, but is bullish on the house, as in a problem again. Because both sides should write whose name all the time dispute endlessly, finally wife and husband two people walked to divorce edge again, March 8, two people agreement divorce, the agreement writes a child to be brought up by the man, compensate wife 30 thousand yuan, but the wife says, she also did not get these 30 thousand yuan… What this wife says is true and false, we still have doubt in shock, difficult way her father-in-l盈幣寶Web及手機H5合約地址aw is so not a thing? In order to verify whether what my wife said was true or not, we went to her ex-husband’s home with my wife and her family that afternoon. Once we got into the house, the smell of fire in the two houses immediately spread. In a residential area, we saw the wife’s father-in-law, when the reporter explained the purpose, asked the wife said whether the situation is true, he denied on the spot. For father-in-law’s gaffes deny, wife’s mood is very excited. There was much to be said and much to be said, and for a moment the journalist could not make out who was telling the truth. The father-in-law said that the son divorced because his daughter-in-law was not serious. When the reporter asked about the house, the father-in-law said that the house was not that they did not give it, but that the daughter-in-law had other plans. As the saying goes, “don’t wash your dirty linen in public.” but not long ago, Ms. Liu of jilin called a reporter to say that her family also had a scandal, and her father-in-law raped her! Wife tells a reporter, oneself itself is a poor child, born by the biological parents adoptive gave other people’s house, at the end of the adoptive parents home life for ten years, adoptive father also died, and his only lived alone and adoptive mother, after graduating from technical secondary school, oneself go out to work, met her current husband, soon after her marriage with a lovely daughter. The wife says, oneself treat parents-in-law just like treat oneself biological parents, at ord盈幣寶Bingbon-全球官方交流群正式上線inary times the life of 5 people under a eave also is calm and happy, but this quiet life is in however last year one day afternoon, be broken thoroughly. After hair, the wife bought a bottle of pesticide to want to commit suicide, fortunately a friend of hers prevented the tragedy from happening. The wife stayed in the elder sister’s home for a few days, sad she still decided to bury this in her heart, and then went back home again. After two years at home, the unexpected happened again. Both sides you a word I a language, spread out the lip gun a war of words, be everybody super of can’t be full of of time, the husband of wife xiaogao came back. The couple, who have been living together for ten years, did not fall in love with each other, but opened up the wounds of the other. Xiao gao seemed very tired at this time. As for what the couple divorced for, xiao gao also mentioned the problem of the house. Private detective: as can be seen from the news, there is no happiness in this family for various reasons. Husband and wife often quarrel with each other, the husband does not understand the wife, basically there is no time to sit down and talk, work time staggered, this is a very important problem. The husband and wife affection is not harmonious, this can come slowly mediate or dissolve, as long as two people still love each other, want to stand in the Angle of the other side to understand each other, and quarrel all day, rather than talk heart. Now the relationship between husband and wife is not good, this is 差價合約交易-盈幣寶bingbonnot the most sad thing, the most terrible thing is, the shameless father-in-law raped daughter-in-law. It was obvious that the father-in-law could not admit the family scandal his daughter-in-law had told him. In the face of the reporter’s interview, the father-in-law, on the contrary, slander that the daughter-in-law is not serious to lead to the divorce, accused the daughter-in-law of another plot. I don’t think a woman in her right mind could make fun of such a sick sick thing. If nothing had happened, she would have had to slander her father-in-law and rape her. Obviously, the father-in-law lied and did something against ethics. This kind of sad marriage, this kind of marriage of chicken ribs, the common theory, the old woman said the old woman is right, the reason is cut and disorderly. In fact, the original was violated by the father-in-law, should have retained some evidence, in order to prosecute this abnormal. But it seems that now the evidence is not very favorable, there is no real and reliable evidence, so a lawsuit, is very difficult. Ah, the other couple once they met each other uncovered the scar, the relationship is indeed no longer. Suggest that she find a good lawyer to prepare for divorce and the division of family assets. Remember, married women, once the encounter of this abnormal assault, the first idea is to retain evidence, let the pervert go to prison. That’s harsh, but women must protect their health and rights. No matter when, encounter what kind of thing, the woman learns to protect one【盈幣寶】手續費優惠公告self or necessary.

Private detective, it was me

Private detective, it was me. I was A junior high school classmate with A, and we had A good relationship in the past four years. We often assisted A in pursuing girls. In the summer vacation after graduation from junior three, I contacted A more frequently. A failed the high school entrance examination, enter the international department high school. And I entered a district key high school study. A said that he saw A girl in the school with good looks and good results. He asked me every day for advice on how to catch her. I talked to a boy in the class about love, age is too young, in fact, do not know what is love. Later, A learned about this situation and told苗栗徵信社推薦 me nothing. After chasing me for three months, we were together. A is A typical Leo boy, bad-tempered and possessive. After together, A gradually began to limit my contact with the opposite sex, from the beginning can not chat, to QQ, everyone, WeChat can not add male friends. Not only was I not allowed to speak in the class group, but in the end he forced me out of the group. In the three years that we have known each other, many things have broken out, both good and bad. I am A shy girl, A has taught me A lot. Although I had several romantic relationships before I was with A, I didn’t even feel comfortable holding hands. A let me become bold, he can give me rea警民徵信社BLOGson when I am confused, inform me how to do. He will cook for me and take care of me when I am ill. We’ve known each other for more than seven years, and he really understands me. But there are many negative aspects. He split his first leg after we had been together for only half a year. But we soon made up, and he said he was thrilled. Then a year later, he had an affair with a tall girl. He told me he didn’t know what love was until he met her, and he never loved me. At that time I was very silly, I begged him hard, I drank wine at night went to his house to look for him. Then maybe that girl didn’t allow him, or he was moved by me, we continue together. Private台中徵信社推薦 detective, but our good times did not last long, not a few months, he went abroad to take the SAT, we did not meet for half a month, after returning to China, he was reluctant to meet me by every means. Finally one day in my bibi under, he said he again last time that girl beginning. At that time we had talked for two years, I really loathe to give up, I asked him to stay, do everything I can do. I did not wish to recall what had happened. Anyway, then we pretended nothing had happened, and we started over. It was a few months before my college entrance examination. Because of this series of things, my college entrance examination results are not ideal, only into警民徵信社BLOG a second school.

Why the modern “fear of marriage”?

EOS盈幣寶Some people say that love is a kind of ideal, marriage is an ideal, family is a kind of obligation, after modern young people experience ideal love, when want to enter the stage of ideal marriage, usually accompanied by a kind of anxiety psychology, down to fear marriage, why modern people “fear marriage”? Family obligations life after marriage is bound to involve a greater sense of family obligation, but some people fear marriage because they are afraid of it. Some women, who had great ambitions, suddenly become short-sighted after they get married and spend all their time focusing on their family, husband and children. They want more responsibility from their husbands. Private investigators believe they do not want to be “mortgage slaves”, “car slaves”. Men in a position of weak power earn less money, so they are under great psychological pressure. In order to avoid the obligation of family life, they prefer to DASH盈幣寶live together by means of cohabitation, but keep silent about the life events of marriage. After marriage, the two people, with legal comfort and moral constraints, let you lose some of the comfort before marriage, which is what everyone of us should experience. Most women still hold the old idea that the wife is weak and the husband is strong. On the media again render “extramarital affair”, “derailment”, “small 3” wait for a word, let the woman that has not entered marriage be reverently apprehensive. If the man married, will be constrained by the wife, although love each other, I like prisoners serve a sentence as lost comfortable. Not true love in this materialistic age, the marriage of two people is the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of all kinds of conditions, therefore, many people are afraid of marriage because they worry that the other party is not true love. Most successful men have cBTC盈幣寶ars, houses and savings. They were not short of beautiful women, and were happy to spend their leisure time with them. Although they look forward to love and family in their hearts, they are deeply disturbed by the phenomenon of materialistic women and utilitarian marriage. Fear of the other side only love money and do not love myself, convinced of the “distance produces beauty” maxim. Losing love all say that marriage is the grave of love, although some people doubt this, but still some people will choose to believe, a long time will naturally show fear of marriage. Some women want to have a home, want to live a safe life. Due to my low income, I can not support myself, so afraid of marriage and lost the love of her husband, would rather marathon love, also do not want “wife”, “wife”. Female strong male weak modern female people beginning on the field of work struggles the world that gives oneself, the woman thatBSV盈幣寶 is no longer past tradition is in the home xiangfu teachs a child. Successful women were economically independent and held high positions in general society. Many women own companies, houses, cars. They basically do not need to rely on men in the material, and even surpass men in career. The stereotype that “men are strong and women are weak” is borne by most men. They are so proud that they are afraid of those “strong women”. A lot of successful women don’t want to get married, they just can’t find the right person. Some people said: “marriage is the grave of love”, in fact is not the case, because love is two things, enjoy demand can only, as for the marriage will hit it to the family, that is a group of people, so the marriage needs to operate, between husband and wife just to accommodate know each other, meet what matter, many communication, together long, about us, you will find that in fact marriage is stilBRC盈幣寶l very beautiful.

Husband hotel wrong room by strange female kick private parts?

徵信社委託流程Husband hotel wrong room by strange female kick private parts? The familiar scream from the next room into my ears, my heart suddenly surprised, how this sound like junzi, I opened the door, like an arrow rushed into the next room. I was stunned. Don’t know what to do. Handsome son pale face, hands wu crotch, between the fingers have been soaked silk blood. Wailing in pain… After the event, this makes me nervous scene, like a movie like memories in my eyes, a long time can not rest assured. Junko is my husband’s nickname, we are all after 90 sweet little couple. Because handsome son is to do business manager in the company, often have to go out on business, leave me alone at home, this makes husband’s psychology feel very sorry. That day handsome son in the left near the city to call me, meekly said to me: wife, you now drive over good, you find a hotel I busy over to find you. After putting down the phone, I set off at once and took a bus for an hour to the neighboring city. I checked into a hotel. The room that I open is comparable cheap, admittedly some crude, but my mood is special sweet and beautiful, because the husband is on a business trip of time also can think to take me in 婦幼徵信社BLOGthe side, this proved the husband all my love is lifelike. Junko sends me a message every two hours. I knew he was afraid I’d get bored in a hotel alone. I wanted to walk in alone, but I was afraid junzi suddenly came back and couldn’t find me. I kept waiting in my hotel room for junko. Until about 7 o ‘clock in the evening, handsome son call apologetically let me go downstairs to eat some, he will accompany the customer after dinner to come back. As for my husband, the customer is his god. Without god, he lost the capital to earn money to support me. Therefore, I understand and understand junzi very well. Although dinner is eaten alone, there is still a deep sense of happiness in the heart. This kind of feeling is come oneself at the husband to my sympathy. Due to the mood impulse, I just to the snack bar at random to eat belly back to the room waiting for my husband. I got out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, lying on the bed, watching TV and waiting for my husband. Time one minute one second of the past, the night once deep, the husband did not come to the phone, also did not send information, I am a little anxious, from the bed to sit up. Is not the husband drink much, I know the 警民徵信社BLOGground to put on the clothes, anxious to be distracted. At this time, the next door suddenly spread the screams of a man, I quickly put on clothes, this voice is familiar, my mind quickly flashed an ominous idea, jumpstart rushed in, the next room opened the door, I through the door, a glance to see the figure of handsome son. I walked over with trepidation. Be frightened and change color ground to stand there, see handsome son face pale, both hands wu crotch ministry, curl on the floor, between the fingers already soaked filar silk blood. And wailed with pain. Standing beside him was a woman in her mid-20s, dressed in pajamas, who was pointing at my husband and swearing: “son of a bitch. Believe it or not, I will kill your children!” I came forward to help up handsome son, hurried to call an ambulance, the husband to the hospital. The doctor told me that my husband’s lower body had been kicked and needed stitches. After my husband was pushed out of the operating room, the doctor told me to stay in hospital for several days. Looking at the husband lying on the bed very distressed. Private detective, heal him. I can understand how he felt. According to the husband said, that day, he acco徵信社安心服務mpanied the customer to drink wine, in the state of half drunk half awake, thin li muddled into the next room, he has been lying in bed for the woman is me, quietly rushed up, hug and kiss the family. I didn’t think I was in the wrong room. What’s more, the woman had just finished quarrelling with her husband. She was very upset. That’s why she did this to my husband. If it were anything else, I would not let my husband suffer such a dumb loss. However, after all, the husband took the others cheap, and it is not a glorious thing, so he admitted bad luck, when an experience. After a few days of hospitalization, the doctor said that her husband was able to discharge from the hospital, at home to pay attention to remaining some time is nothing important, will not have too much impact. It was originally a wonderful tryst, but it turned out to be a self-defeating affair. However, after the wind and waves, I suddenly felt very happy. It must be rare for a husband and wife to have such a comfortable life. Most parts are lover or small three what, just go to the hotel steal huan, and the husband to see me, the mood is so urgent, how can I not move it. I hope my husband will recover soon. Contin婦幼徵信社BLOGue our happy life.